If you grind your teeth or have a TMJ disorder, one of the symptoms that you may experience is frequent headaches or migraines. Dr. Daniel Morrison offers treatments to prevent and manage these headaches to alleviate your discomfort and give you a healthier quality of life. To schedule your consultation with our dentist and learn more about headache and migraine treatment in Gillette, Wyoming, call Gillette Dental PC today at 307-682-3353.

Headaches and migraines are one of the most common symptoms of patients with a TMJ disorder. These “TMJ headaches” usually occur in the morning as a result of clenching and grinding the teeth while asleep. A few signs that indicate your headaches may be the result of a TMJ disorder or related problem include:

  • Pain or tension at the sides of the face
  • Pain in the neck and upper shoulders
  • Migraines or migraine-like headaches
  • Frequent earaches without infection

When you visit our practice with these symptoms, our dentist will first complete an evaluation, including a review of your dental and medical history, and examine the fit of your bite and the alignment of your jaw joints. Your treatment will depend on the results of the exam and your individual needs. Common treatments include:

  • Oral appliance therapy – Also known as a TMJ mouth guard or a bruxism appliance, this is an oral appliance worn during sleep. It prevents the teeth from touching, protecting both the teeth and your TMJ so that you can avoid damage and begin regaining your oral health and function.
  • Bite correction – When teeth are not properly aligned or do not make proper contact, it creates stress and tension. By correcting the bite and aligning it properly, you can stop headaches and improve your smile, oral health and well-being. Bite correction may involve several types of treatment, including reshaping the teeth, orthodontics, and restorations such as crowns, bridges or implants.

We welcome you to contact our team for more information about headache treatment and to schedule your consultation with our caring dentist.